Statement from our Former Lead Guitarist John Matheis

The band would like to share the following statement we received from John’s Facebook account concerning his departure from the group:

“As you may have already heard, I will no longer be playing lead guitar for Deliver Us From Evil. This however; does not mark the end of my musical career. It is rather the start of a new beginning for me. I am using this as an opportunity to expand my musical horizon. Although metal music has played the main role in my accomplishments thus far, I am discovering a new direction and I am anxious to see where this musical path will take me. I am very thankful for all the years and hard work spent with the band. I most definitely will not forget where I started. Who knows, maybe we will cross paths at a future DUFE show. Hell, I may even join in with the head banging crowd in support of what is next for them. This will also be an opportunity to showcase my cousin Chris Koyle, who since his return from military deployment, has been ripping up the guitar for the band as well. I guess you could say bad ass guitar playing runs in the fam. He is also an endorsed artist by Kramer Guitars USA, whom I have also had the pleasure to work with the last few years. I want to thank Kramer, all of the fans, and again the band for making the experience I have gained worth while. Your support has helped me be the musician I am today. Be sure to stay tuned in with Facebook and my website for what I have in the works. There is more to come and your patience is much appreciated. In turn, I hope that you are just as excited as I am.
Until next time,
John Matheis
P.S. DUFE or Die!!!!!”

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